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MUST SEE: Vaccines - Are They Safe? New Vaccine Documentary Feat. Six World-Renowned Experts
THE TRUTH: Major Recent Study Heralding Supposed Overall Safety Of Vaccines - 9 Of 10 Study Authors Affiliated w/Criminal Rand Corporation!
Full Childhood Vaccination Through 18 Years-Old Skyrockets 2200% Since 1986; NY Times, Forbes Fallaciously Blame Vaccine Refusals For Price Explosion Fraud
British Medical Journal Finds 20% Of School Children Have Whooping Cough Despite Most Being Fully Vaccinated
Researchers Discover Promising Soil Based Fungus 'AMA' Which Appears To Eradicate Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria
Texas Judge Wants Comprehensive Vaccination For All Illegal Immigrants Crossing Border; Precedent Being Set
Parental Empowerment: Parents Are Being Lied To Regarding Vaccines/Autism - Learn The Facts!!
FREE: New Zealand Now Coercing 3-Part Rotavirus Oral Vaccines To All Babies/Infants Nationwide By Way Of Freebies
"Child Consent" Laws For STD Vaccines Like Gardasil Now Passed In 2 States With More To Follow If Parents Don't Stand Up
GOOD NEWS: Innovative Cancer Treatment Physician Dr. Stanislaw Burzynki Gets Green Light For Phase 3 Trial From FDA
GOOD NEWS: Fed Funded, Decade Old, $6 BILLION 'Project BiolShield' Vaccine Program Atrocity Being Winded Down
Autistic Children Seeing Major Health/Focus/Happiness Improvements Via Running Programs
Drug Giant GlaxoSmithKline Slapped By FDA For Sanitation Violations At Canadian FluLaval Facility; 20% Of Batches Pitched Over Bacterial Contamination
Connecticut Steps Up For The Autistic, Enforces Removal Of Health Insurance Co. Imposed Coverage Restrictions Statewide
#TBT: CDC Admits Up To 30 Million Americans Could Be At Risk Of Cancer Due To Polio Vaccine
Autism Speaks - Is America's Most Recognizable Autism Group Doing More Harm Than Good?
WOW: New UC-Davis Study Conducted With ~1,000 Mothers Who Lived Within 1-Mile Of Pesticided Crop Fields Have 60% Higher Autistic Baby Rate
Just What Do You Know About Vaccines & Your Rights? Stay Informed
New Journal Study Shows Mothers Exposed/Ingestion Of Organophosphates (Pesticide) Have 60% Higher Risk Of Autistic Children
Ebola Epidemic Explodes In West Africa; Almost 1,000 Affected, 350+ Deaths
Caribbean-Borne Chikungunya Virus Spreading To U.S. On The Backs of Mosquito's; 100,000+ Already Infected Abroad
Amid Malfeasance, CDC Anthrax Handling Debacle Expands To 84 Now Potentially Infected, Taking Cipro
Italian Feds Raid Vaccine Maker Novartis Over Scamming Gov't Out Of $3.6 BILLION In Overcharges For Flu Vaccine
POSITIVE: Brothers Use Ingenuity To Invent Devices That Help Autistic People Live Independently
Powerful New Journal Study Shows SIDS Deaths Linked To Multi-Dose Vaccinations Given At 2-4 Months Of Age
Recent Study Proves Manuka Honey Has Powerful, Yet Safe, Anti-Influenza (Flu) Properties
Up To 75 Atlanta-based CDC Scientists Exposed To Live Anthrax After Negligent Handling, Transfer
New U.S. Government Funded, Novartis Produced Flu Vaccine Created From DOG Cells Coming Soon!
California Blaming Whooping Cough 'Outbreak' On Anti-Vacc Parents; Yet Stats Show ~81% of Infected Fully Vaccinated In Historic 2010 'Outbreak'
CLEAR & PRESENT DANGER: Study Proves CDC Cover Up Of Mercury-Autism Link
BEWARE MEAT SOURCING: North Dakota Uses Anthrax Scare To Coerce Ranchers To Vaccinate Their Cattle
Vaccine Spectrum Disorder vs. Autism Spectrum Disorder - Which Is It Really?
11 W. African Nations Meet To Discuss How To Address Potential Ebola Pandemic
Illegal Immigrants Being Hospitalized; Scabies, Live Among Various Contagions Being Brought Into America
Mad Scientist At University of Wisconsin-Madison Creates Unstoppable Frankenstein H1N1 Flu Virus Without Any Checks Or Balances
VIDEO: Young Boy Reverses Autism After Following Strict, Low-Allergen, Gluten-Free Diet
Unique Online Clinical Trial A Success For Autistic Children Who Were Supplemented With Omega-3 Supplementation
BEWARE: Johnson & Johnson, Others Enter Dangerous 'Cancer Vaccine' Market; $35 BILLION Profit Potential Leads The Way
H1N1: Four Illegal Immigrant Children Test Positive For Swine Flu In Texas Facility; 120+ Others Possibly Infected
Ontario, Canada Continues 2014 North American Trend Of Mandating 3 New Childhood Vaccines Before Enrolling For School
As Illegal Influx Explodes Over The Border, Texas To Foot Bill For Thousands Of Administered Vaccines
Pennsylvania Mother Who Opted To Go Home To Have Baby Via Midwifery Have Police Confiscate Her Baby With Doctor Collusion
Border Patrol Warns: Porous Southern US Border Immigrant Influx Bringing Scabies, MRSA, Chickenpox, Etc. Into U.S.
1950 vs 2013 Childhood Vaccine Schedule: 7 Shots Then, 36+ Shots Now - Massive Increase Leaves Little Wonder About Autism & Injury
Ohio's Amish Community Going Conformist? A Few Measles Cases Spur Amish To Start Vaccinating
Georgia State Now MANDATES Preteen School Children Receive Meningitis & Pertussis Vaccines; Also Pushing HPV, Flu Shots
Bipartisan Congress Set To Pass Intentionally Milquetoast 'Autism CARES Act' Bill, Underfunds Environmental Cause Research/Misallocates Funds
Recent Molecular Medicine Journal Study Links Infamous "Cytokine Storm" Immune Response, Leading To Childhood Diseases/Injury
Dangerous NYC Supreme Court Judge Ruling Disallows School Aged Vaccine Exemptions City-Wide; Declares Constitutional Rights Irrelevant
CDC Biolab Director At The Helm Of Recent Potentially Lethal Anthrax Debacle Losing His Job? Of Course Not, Just "Reassigned" Within The CDC Ranks
Medicare Now CALLING Retiree's To Coerce Their Cooperation To Get Vaccinated; Claim Compliance Rates Have Risen 25%
INVALID: Immunization Induced "Herd" Immunity Theory Proven A Bunch Of Bunk
Antibiotic-Caused Superbug "C. Diff" Cases Increasing; Gov't Now Testing New Vaccine In Texas
TRUTH VS LIES: Newsweek Hitpiece Attempts to Condemn Religious Southern States As Anti-Vaccers, Implies Blame For Recent Viral Outbreaks
MUST WATCH: Illustrative Video Connects All The Dots Of Autism and How Industry/Gov't Collude Against Truth, Injury Reparations
UPLIFT: Autistic Son Inspires Mother To Start Grassroots Based Autism Organization
Recent JAMA Study Shows Parents of Autistic Children 1/3 Less Likely To Have Future Children
Instead Of Providing Clean Drinking Water, U.N. Coerces 1.1 MILLION Meningitis Vaccines On Populace Amid Just 52 Meningitis Cases
I.C.E. Federal Whistleblower Exposes Contagious Diseases Entering US Via Federally Sanctioned Illegal Immigration Push
Tennessee Using Fear To Ramp Up Warning To Parents MANDATING Children Have their Immunizations Before Next School Season

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